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28.09.2022 Family friendship workshop

21.09.2022 "I live in Latvia: here and now" 11th episode. Khushi and astronomy

20.09.2022 Experience culture and traditions!

08.09.2022 In the 13th series of the Information Centre for Newcomers - translation and interpreters!

02.09.2022 New school year off to a busy start

01.09.2022 New learning program for immigrant women

29.07.2022 While visiting Liepāja, refugees get to know Latvian cultural canon Music

21.07.2022 "I live in Latvia: here and now". Khushi volunteers and celebrates Midsummer

18.07.2022 In the video news series - newcomers from Ukraine in Valmiera!

07.07.2022 Business opportunities and incubator methodology in project "HERE - Social Economy of Proximity"

02.07.2022 The project "Latvian Language Training for Ukrainian Civilians" is launched

21.06.2022 World Refugee Day at the Information Centre for Newcomers

20.06.2022 Training in the project “WIN – Women in Need”

09.06.2022 Official information resource for Ukrainian newcomers and their helpers

06.06.2022 Open Day in Jelgava

06.06.2022 Ukrainian immigrants are invited to apply for Latvian language courses!

01.06.2022 In May, 2 Integration Courses Were Completed and 4 Latvian Language Courses Were Held

23.05.2022 "I live in Latvia: here and now" 9th episode. Khushi in school!

20.05.2022 New podcast: lawyers from Latvia and Ukraine on the risks of human trafficking

06.05.2022 Persons Under International Protection Celebrate the 4th of May

26.04.2022 In the latest ICN news series – Liepaja and Ukraine!

25.04.2022 Celebrating Easter together!

11.04.2022 7th podcast of the Information Centre for Newcomers with Firuz Khafizov

06.04.2022 The first face-to-face meeting of the business incubator

31.03.2022 Refugees and persons with an alternative status acquire an integration course

29.03.2022 Persons Under International Protection Get To Know the Latvian Cultural Canon “Art”

28.03.2022 Open Day has been a success

23.03.2022 Open Day in Riga Information Centre for Newcomers

09.03.2022 "I live in Latvia: here and now" - with Khushi Malhotra to the cinema

03.03.2022 !! Attention !! Riga receives refugees from Ukraine; a 24-hour helpline is available

03.03.2022 !! Attention !! Unified Information Phone "Assistance to Ukrainians in Latvia"

03.03.2022 The Saeima adopts a bill supporting Ukrainian civilians

26.02.2022 Practical information for people leaving Ukraine due to the military conflict

25.02.2022 Firuz Khafizov and his life in Latvia

25.02.2022 Attention!!! Information leaflet for asylum-seekers!

24.02.2022 Launching a New International Project to Prevent Human Trafficking

24.02.2022 An integration course for persons under international protection has started

18.02.2022 In the latest ICN news series: what is the Dialogue Platform

08.02.2022 A new project for migrant women

26.01.2022 Invitation for the business incubator program