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29.05.2020 Doors Open Days of the Information Centre for Newcomers to be Held in all Regions of Latvia

20.04.2020 Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Riga City Council will give grant benefits also to foreign students who have remained in Latvia

17.04.2020 Information for foreign students which have remained in Latvia and study remotely during circumstances of spread of Covid-19

15.04.2020 Government extends emergency to May 12

28.03.2020 Information about COVID-19

26.03.2020 Persons under international protection can continue learning Latvian remotely

13.03.2020 Attention, please! Notice of the Information Centre for Newcomers on changes in customer service

11.03.2020 Migrant Talent Garden activities in all partner countries

19.02.2020 In February, the integration training course was learned by persons under international protection from Russia, Iran, Afghanistan and India

04.02.2020 Discussions about newcomer integration will take place in Liepāja on 18 February

27.01.2020 Last year, 138 persons under international protection took part in the integration course and 68 persons learned Latvian

24.01.2020 Last year, more than a thousand foreigners have sought assistance at the Information Centre for Newcomers

07.01.2020 A project to support immigrant business completes its first year

02.01.2020 About Migrant Talent Garden Business Incubator for Newcomers

19.12.2019 Join the team of volunteers of the Information Centre for Newcomers!

19.12.2019 Two Groups of Persons Under International Protection Will Complete the Integration Training Course About Latvia

16.12.2019 Business Incubator for Newcomers

28.11.2019 At the end of November, two groups start an integration training course about Latvia

19.11.2019 Information Centre For Newcomers Open Afternoons Will Take Place in All Regions of Latvia

28.10.2019 In October, the integration training course about Latvia was completed by the 14th group

11.10.2019 A seminar on successful practices of integration programmes in different countries will be held

04.10.2019 Invitation to the discussion about business possibilities for foreigners in Latvia

26.09.2019 Two groups of persons under international protection complete the training course of Latvian

25.09.2019 The Information Centre for Newcomers welcomes foreigners to use the free services available to them

27.08.2019 The project “Integration ABC - 3” starts to get the immigrants to know Latvia`s culture and Latvians

26.08.2019 Invitation to the meeting of the Intersectoral Dialogue Platform on 29 August

23.08.2019 The Second Survey Report About Support Measures Provided to Persons Under International Protection Made

30.07.2019 Information Centre For Newcomers Has Provided Over 600 Free Consultations to Foreigners During the Half-Year

08.07.2019 Teacher of the Latvian language: diligence of persons under international protection to learn the Latvian gives inspiration to teach

26.06.2019 142 Persons Under International Protection Has Participated in the Integration Training Course Under the Project, But 92 Persons Under International Protection Have Learned Latvian

18.06.2019 The Information Centre for Newcomers invites you to celebrate the Summer Solstice together!

11.06.2019 Participants of the Project Familiarise Themselves With Business Opportunities For Immigrants During a Visit to Latvia

05.06.2019 A project to support immigrant business has been launched

29.05.2019 In May persons under international protection from seven countries mastered the integration training course

09.05.2019 Information Centre for Newcomers organises the Open Door Days in all regions of Latvia

29.04.2019 A test version of the mobile application about life in Latvia is available in Russian

10.04.2019 You are welcome to apply for a seminar on marriages and their link to migration

29.03.2019 In March, the 8th training group completed the integration training course, the 6th group completes the course of Latvian

29.03.2019 The Information Centre for Newcomers has held the cultural evening of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

22.03.2019 Apply for the European Union-funded training on entrepreneurship and project management!