How Does Recruitment Happen

Countries to which most women are encouraged to go into fake marriage

Ireland, Britain, Cyprus

Who is recruiting?

Latvian origin people - while they are in Latvia and also at they new home in Ireland, Cyprus, etc.. Often, they are looking for women among friends and relatives.
Number of cases, when Pakistanis, Indians recruits by themselves, bypassing intermediaries, is increasing.

Where do they recruit?

In the Internet, ads on sites and in their neighbourhoods.

How do they convince you to go?

They trying to convince you by saying that it is a service to service. In particular, you will help people get legalized in the European Union and you will get reward.
Fake marriages are used as a fulcrum. For help to find a job you have to pay, the bridegroom will provide you with the ticket, with palace to stay until marriage. If you don’t like the groom, we will find another!
All the terrible stories in the media, are fabricated in order to keep the persons in Latvian!

When is it necessary to go?

Recruiters are always interested in having a "good" to reach destination as quickly as possible. Arguments:
The sooner you will arrived, the better you will get used to new life!! Workplace which can be combined with the fake marriage, will be available only for few days. 

What they offer?

The money for the fake marriages:
An amount usually are lower than 1500-2000 euro, and they promises to pay in instalments.

!!! In reality, it is never a guarantee that the “reward” will be paid! Many deceived "brides" go to the police or the Embassy of Latvia, but the deal is illegal and to get payment for that is not warranted.

They just promises to help find a job, rarely - offer a specific job. Examples:
When you arrive here, then you can easily find a job and earn good money!
You will be able to work in a shop where I am a manager - EUR 9 per hour.
I myself got in to fake marriage and I got job at the gas station in Dublin.

!!! At the Ireland and the UK is currently very difficult to find a job, especially without knowledge of English. Immigrants are often trying to arrange a fake work palace for fiancée to produce documents for the Immigration Service.

A promise to pay for a plane ticket to Dublin. There you would have to live on third-country nationals who will pay for the rent. You will stay in the same room with them, or if there is a desire, in a separate room. Examples:
Can arrange that for you they rent a different place, a room or small apartment. They will pay for eating, going to buy anything you`ll want - clothes, computers, mobile phones and so on.
We will give you pocket money - 100-200 EUR per week!
We will help you with the loan payment!
If after fictitious wedding you will need more help - we will definitely help you!

!!! In reality, the promises are fully or partly filled only after the weddings. Experience has shown that third-country national behaviour after marriage can sharply change; a man becomes violent, and believes that a woman is his property. With the loan third country national can "help" he will take loan and putt the girl as a guarantor. Later, the girl may have to repay whole loan!

How does grooms been described?

Third-country national’s recruiters describe exceptionally positively. Sexual solicitation is eliminated; intimate relationships can only be made by the girl`s consent. Look at the future groom before the ride can be done rarely.
All of them are very nice guys, under 25!
These are the men around 30 - beautiful people. Pakistanis have bags of money! Here they expand their business - some have, for example, restaurant business, but they are disguised, by pretending that they work as security guards!
The above talk with them is impossible, simply, because if other girl will come before you, then you will have an another guy! You just have to trust to us!
I will not leave you, you can trust me! Nobody will beat you or rape - because of the laws they have – they can’t do that. Besides you from Europe and you have power over them!
80% of starting a real relationship with them, because they carry women on hands!

!!! In reality a woman agrees to the "pig in a poke". It is necessary to remember that a bridegroom represents a very different culture and there is no guarantee, that the "wife" with "husband" will understand each other. It should be noted that number of cases - when the wife is raped, threatened and use violently against them.

The recruiters said that divorce may be done after six months - year, and most easy it is to do in Latvia.. Examples:
In Ireland recently passed a law that that it is possible to divorce through half-year. It was before necessary to wait 4 years!
was exact also for me! I through half-year divorced and nobody even knew that I had been married.

!!! In reality, the Irish divorce legislation in the field is one of the most conservative in Europe. To start the divorce process can be only if the previous four years a couple has lived apart. This also applies to Cyprus law! In Latvia also it is heavy enough to divorce with the citizen from other country.

What recruiters say for themselves

Usually, recruiters say that they are in a fake marriage also, or they just want to help from a clean heart.
I am not a recruiter, I only help those guys and guarantee that they will give you money.
I also arrived to Ireland and married. Now I have a well-paid job, no expenses for all paid my boy, which i got married! We are best friends! When I want, I can go back to Latvia!
I only help the girls get out of poverty – if you will leave, you will say thank you to me!
do not worry! When I come here, then I am also was very afraid! But everything is perfect!

!!! In reality, recruiters are usually written from the false profiles and e-mails without revealing his real names. Fiancé "buy" the bride from intermediaries by paying 4000-6000 Euros. Thus considered to be recruited by intermediaries, who dealing with human trafficking!

Consequences of fake marriages

A husband or recruiters can take away your documents (passport) , telephone, They can lock you in an apartment and forbid to go out somewhere, and denied contact with others, putting to fulfil all their desires, including sexual. There was a case, when a fictitious husband sold the wife to they own compatriot.
Against you may be used violent, because the man believes you are a “commodity” and their property; if you are unwilling to marry a particular person, against you can be used force, threats, unknown number of rape cases!
You can get into the hands of creditors, because the husband used you as a guarantor. You can get into debt, because the husband would like to open a common bank account – there was a case where husband regularly collected whole girl`s salary!
A husband belonging to other culture, can prohibit to you have fun, contact with friends or forced to change the style of dress.
A husband cannot give a divorce even after the determined amount of years; it will be difficult to you to prove that marriage was fake.
You can be driven away in other country, where you will be alone, and nobody will be able to help you!
If child is born in the fake marriage, his father legally will be your husband, even if the biological father is different. By law the real father stay without absolutely right.

!!! Warning!!! In many cases, the recruiting are with deceit – at the beginning they are promising employment abroad and after girl arrived – she been informed that "work" is a fake marriage with the third-country national. Carefully review the offer, before the consent!

Information prepared in cooperation with journalists and book “Piesmietā misis Eiropa " author, Alexander Jolkina.