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About us

Mission: Latvia – A safe home for different people!

Society “Shelter “Safe House”” was established on August 6, 2007 with the aim to develop support services to victims of human trafficking, legal immigrants, including asylum seekers, refugees and persons granted subsidiary protection status by ensuring the individual’s right to receive adequate assistance and protection; promoting rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of human trafficking into the society; creating interactive forms of training, and expanding cooperation with state and local government institutions, public and Christian organizations in Latvia and worldwide. 

In 2007, NGO “Shelter “Safe House”” obtained the right to provide state-paid rehabilitation services to the victims of human trafficking and it still continues its work in 2020.

A multidisciplinary team of professionals functions in the organisation to support asylum seekers, refugees and persons granted subsidiary protection status.

Society “Shelter "Safe House”” raises awareness of the social field in general society and mass media, actively partnering with other NGOs, the State and local governments.

The society is a member of Latvian Civic Alliance and Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation (LAPAS), it acts within the framework of Latvian Cooperation Network of Women’s Organizations and is a partner organization of the Latvian Contact Point of the European Migration Network. Since 2013, the organization operates in the Latvian national network of the Anna Lindh Foundation.

In 2010 the society was granted public good’s status. 

In 2015 “Bureau Veritas Latvia” issued an ISO 9001 quality management certificate for social rehabilitation.


In September 2016, Rasa Saliņa, Public Relations manager at the "Shelter "Safe House"" was presented with Ministry of the Interior award Certificate of Gratitude (Minister R.Kozlovskis 10.08.2016. Order no. 1-14/1728) for collaboration with Ministry of Interior in dissemination of information in public sphere about human trafficking, for initiative and support in development of Ministry of Interior web site www.cilvektirdznieciba.lv, for professional investment in publicity of Ministry of Interior led project "Preventing human trafficking and sham marriages: A multidisciplinary solution" (HESTIA).

In March 2015, the Institute for Women’s Rights (Sieviešu tiesību institūts) handed a Certificate of Recognition  to Sandra Zalcmane (chairperson of “Shelter “Safe House””) for developing a new social service to persons who have suffered from trafficking in human beings, and its implementation in Latvia with innovative methods and highly professional work. On April 2015 “Shelter “Safe House”” was handed a “Human Development Award of Latvia” Certificate of Honour in the category “Exceptional Contribution to Health and Welfare” for promotion of healthy lifestyle, support to individual and community health and welfare and reduction of inequality in health.

In July Secterary of the State John Carry named Gita Miruškina, lawyer at NGO “Shelter “Safe House”” as one of the eight anti-trafficking heroes at a ceremony to opening the annual Department of State 2015 Trafficking in Persons Report.

In 2014, within the framework of the contest “Best Social Worker of Latvia 2014” organised by the Ministry of Welfare, two social workers of the society “Shelter “Safe House”” received awards in two nominations — Sandra Zalcmane as “Social Worker Proposed by the Jury” and Anita Ūdre as “Non-governmental Sector Social Worker Proposed by Inhabitants”.

“Shelter “Safe House”” project on the use of the Anti-Human Trafficking Trailer to educate the society on human trafficking in December 2014 was recognised as one of 20 Best Practice examples in Europe. The award was presented at the Best Practice Human Trafficking Prevention Conference organised by the European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN) within the framework of Italy`s presidency in the European Union and during the European Crime Prevention Awards (ECPA) ceremony organised within the framework thereof to award the best human trafficking prevention projects in Europe.

In 2009, 2010, and 2012 the Society was nominated by the US Embassy in Latvia for the award for Anti-Human Trafficking Hero.

In 2011 the Society was awarded by the US Embassy in Latvia “For Innovative Work for the Good of Society”, consolation prize by the Society Integration Foundation for raising public awareness of social issues and contribution to work with asylum seekers and refugees.

In 2010 the Society received appreciation from the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Latvian for significant work in the area of human trafficking prevention and control.