A Campaign for Education of Latvian Schoolchildren and Teachers 2014


Informative activities will encourage young people to evaluate the offer during the summer holidays!

09.04.2014. In order to inform school students and teachers about the problem of human trafficking, a non-governmental organization "Shelter" Safe House "" with the support of the United States Embassy in Latvia launches informative activities* in Latvian schools. From 9 April to 30 June organisations professionals and volunteers together will educate more than 1,000 students and young people, as well as 150 teachers in at least 20 Latvian schools.

The main objective of the activities is to eradicate human trafficking, promoting Latvian public awareness of human trafficking in global perspective, targeting at-risk group of youth aged 15 to 20 years. Organisations statistics show that most of the victims are young people with an incomplete primary education or secondary education.

First activities will take place today, on April 9 – at Ulbrokas high school and Riga State 3rd Gymnasium, where a guest lecture, organized by experts and volunteers of "Shelter "Safe House "" will take place. The lecture will be about problems of human trafficking and its forms – fictitious marriages, forced labour and sexual exploitation. Also, anyone interested will be able to see and learn about the exposition reflecting the realistic conditions in which people are forced to live during their being trafficked **. It will be a unique opportunity for young people and school staff to acquire visual information in order to get a perspective on the issues broad nature.

Sandra Zalcmane, the Director of society "Shelter" Safe House "": "Summer is coming, and with it the summer school holidays. Some will want to relax, others to travel, some others - to work, so it is very important for young people already before, either leaving Latvia, or starting to work here, in Latvia, to know how to avoid getting into human trafficking situations, where to seek help when the situation is unfavourable for the youngster and the promises do not get fulfilled. Young people, armed with preventive information mostly are not the victims of human traffickers, because of their ability to assess the situation and apply the known resources and protect not only themselves, but also others from being used in various forms of human trafficking. "
In turn, educators, understanding the mechanisms of recruitment, can daily discuss with young people how to recognize the risks of human trafficking in messages from a “friend” on social networks, inviting them to go on cruises, and acquaintances expressed offer to start working outside Latvia.

Ever since 2009, "Shelter" Safe House "" regularly organizes public awareness campaigns ("Be knowledgeable – Prevent human trafficking" (2013), "Sold Freedom" (2012/2013), "Open your eyes!" (2011/2012), "Fictive marriage - a trap!" (2009/2010/2011).), the main purpose of which is to inform and attract public attention to the problem of human trafficking. In parallel, to inform the public, the organisation has organised various training courses for police officers, social workers, journalists and other target groups.
In 2013, the association has provided assistance to 33 victims of human trafficking - 32 women and one man. 19 persons were victims of fictive marriages, eight of forced labour and six of sexual exploitation. Most of the victims were from Vidzeme – 15, from Zemgale – seven, from Kurzeme – six, from Riga - four and one from Latgale. In whole, residents have turned to the organisation for consultation 162 times.
* Activities are conducted according to the project "Development of innovative methods against human trafficking in Latvia".
** Informative trailer with its exhibition, last year gained its reputation in Society’s organised against human trafficking month, which took place from 18 September till 18 October. During this month, it visited 9 Latvian cities and municipalities - Riga, Liepaja, Eleja, Gulbene, Viesite, Daugavpils, Dagda, Ludza, Salacgriva and, in total travelling more than 3 000 km.

Anti-trafficking activities in Jūrmala | Patvērums Drošā Māja
Anti-trafficking activities in Jūrmala
Infotrailer visits Vidzeme | Patvērums Drošā Māja
Infotrailer visits Vidzeme
Info trailer in schools of Alūksne! | Patvērums Drošā Māja
Info trailer in schools of Alūksne!
Anti-trafficking Activities in Schools | Patvērums Drošā Māja
Anti-trafficking Activities in Schools