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Volunteers of the Information Centre for Immigriants invite to participate in a creative workshop!

Ievietots: 23.11.2017


Volunteers from the Information Center for immigrants invite everyone to participate in the creative workshop "Star in the East"! During this workshop, participants will wrap their gifts for children living in refugee camps in the Middle East.

"Star in the East" is a charity campaign that is taking place for the fourth year and aims to collect 6,000 gifts for children in refugee camps in the Middle East this year.

Like in previous year, volunteers from the Information Center for immigrants invite everyone who is interested to participate in the creative workshop, which will take place on Lacplesa Street 75-9 / 10, in the premises of the NGO "Patvērums "Drošā māja"" on the evening of November 28, at 18:30. The participants of workshop will also have the opportunity to hear the story of the idea of this charity from the representatives of the NGO "Baltic Global Initiative", who are the initiators and implementers of this campaign! Postcards and decorated gift boxes will be created during the creative workshop. Various materials will be available on the site to prepare beautiful and colorful wrappings.

The participants should take care of the shoe-box and gifts to put in the shoe box themselves. When preparing gifts,we advise to choose for whom the gift will be prepared - a boy or a girl; 2-4 / 5-9 / 10-14 years. In every shoe box, you need to put in one soft toy, as well as a variety of useful, everyday things - gloves, socks, hygiene products, some sweets, playcards and other toys. No liquids and sweets that can go bad should be placed in the box - chocolate, biscuits, etc.

More information about the charity campaing "Star in the East" is available on its website www.zvaigzneaustrumos.lv/en!

The Centre was established on 18 May 2016, and it operates as a one-stop agency. It is funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and co-financed by the European Union. Grant agreement No. PMIF/12/2016/1/1.