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Training Courses for Asylum Seekers Continue in Summer

Ievietots: 31.08.2017


The 16th group has completed the training programme on the social and economic inclusion under the Support Actions for Persons under International Protection project. The group consisted of 27 persons, who come from Syria (19), India (4), Armenia (2), Russia (1), Turkey (1). Through the entire period of educational activities Kurdish, Arabic, Hindi and Russian language experts ensured quality communication with the participants.

From 1 July last year until 14 August this year a total of 385 persons under international protection have participated in the training courses and information events aimed at inclusion of the target group into Latvian society.

Specialists of the society “Shelter “Safe House”” inform that the 17th group commenced training on 22 August. Since the number of resettled refugees, who arrive in Latvia, has declined, persons, who have arrived in our country from Afghanistan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Turkey, are obtaining knowledge about Latvia. This group has 15 participants.

The training programme on the social and economic inclusion allows its participants to acquire information about Latvia as a state, employment, education, health care, social assistance system and other topics. In the classes participants can obtain answers to questions that have arisen during their current stay in Latvia. Lecturers indicate that persons under international protection most often require information on the matters of employment and education. One of the main benefits for participants of the training is gaining understanding of possible solutions to their situation as asylum seekers and after the receipt of the status.

Activities for children are organised in a separate room during the training to encourage families with children to participate.

In addition to the training course various information and educational activities take place – educational visits to the training centre „BUTS”, so that participants can learn more about the opportunities of acquiring various professions, and educational excursions to museums in Latvia.

Under the Support Actions for Persons under International Protection project implemented with the support of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Foundation by society “Shelter “Safe House”” support is planned for 530 persons. The target audience includes adults, children and illiterate asylum seekers.

The project is co-financed by the European Union. Grant Agreement No. PMIF/9/2016/1/03.

Information was prepared by: Rasa Salina (Rasa Saliņa), Communications and Social Media Expert, e-mail: rasa.salina@gmail.com