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09.11.2018 This year the Information Centre for Newcomers provided assistance to more than 700 third country nationals

26.10.2018 Pakistanis and Indians Attracted to Liepaja by Access to Education and the Quality of Life

23.10.2018 Persons from 17 countries have participated in support measures within nine months

02.10.2018 Information Centre for Newcomers in Liepāja welcomes you to the Open Day!

02.10.2018 Information Centre for Newcomers invites you to the Open Day on 11 of October in Cēsis!

26.09.2018 Latvian Teacher: Persons under International Protection are Highly Motivated to Learn Latvian

18.09.2018 Information Centre for Newcomers invites you to the Open Day on 25th of September in Daugavpils!

03.09.2018 During the Open Day Event in Jelgava Consultations on Education and Employment were Provided in Six Languages

30.08.2018 In August, 28 people completed the integration training course, 11 people – the Latvian language course

22.08.2018 From 14th till 18th of September in Dobele will be held forum "Integration Dialogue"

21.08.2018 Information Centre for Newcomers invites you to the Open Day on 27th of August in Jelgava!

13.08.2018 Information Centre for Newcomers welcomes you to the Open Day!

19.07.2018 Persons From 16 Countries Have Taken Part in the Support Measures During the First Half of the Year

12.07.2018 This year the Information Centre for Newcomers has already provided 832 free consultations on legal, education and employment matters

03.07.2018 Attention! Information Centre for Newcomers Riga office has changed!

25.06.2018 21 Person Under International Protection Receives a Certificate About Completion of the Latvian Language Course

17.06.2018 An Evening of Chinese Culture of Another Kind

30.05.2018 Within the framework of the educational course about Latvia, people mostly expressed interest in the fields of healthcare, employment, and education

11.05.2018 Support Point in Vidzeme

27.04.2018 The Information Centre for Newcomers has Provided Support to Third Country Nationals from 35 Countries This Year

26.04.2018 In April, 30 persons under international protection from 12 countries completed the integration training course in Latvia

27.03.2018 More than Two Hundred Hours of Volunteering in the Language of Friendship

20.03.2018 Persons Under International Protection Have Started Latvian Language Courses and Integration Courses

27.02.2018 Planning is Carried Out for Commencing Activities Aimed at Persons under International Protection

23.02.2018 Volunteers of the Information Centre for Newcomers Invite to Join!

26.01.2018 Implementation of the Support Actions for Persons under International Protection II Project has Begun

24.01.2018 NGO “Shelter “Safe House”” Continues to Develop the Information Centre for Newcomers

28.12.2017 Information Centre Has Helped over 2.5 Thousands Foreigners

22.12.2017 The support project educating persons under international protection about Latvia closes

22.12.2017 Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

01.12.2017 Baltic Sea Counter Trafficking Award winners announced; one of the winners - Sandra Zalcmane

23.11.2017 Volunteers of the Information Centre for Immigriants invite to participate in a creative workshop!

22.11.2017 In January in Riga a 3-day long Training Forum - "Integration Dialogue" will be held

14.11.2017 Infographics on Support Provided by the Information Centre for Immigrants

14.11.2017 Infographic about the support provided to the persons under international protection

26.10.2017 Persons under international protection explore the adult learning and employment opportunities

13.10.2017 The Fifth Meeting of NGO Dialogue Platform Organisations Has Taken Place

29.09.2017 Group No. 18 starts the training program about Latvia

21.09.2017 Information Centre has Provided Support to Citizens of 75 Countries

31.08.2017 Training Courses for Asylum Seekers Continue in Summer